Friday, April 1, 2011


Her once beautiful nude body now stretched out on an autopsy table. Her eviscerated flesh sewn back together. A sadly poetic aura surrounds her tragic death. As women we are especially vulnerable to self destructive behavior which has its roots in the sense of shame. Because we are sometimes ashamed of the simple fact of being women! We can feel shame about our bodies"I'm not pretty enough, or thin enough." "My body is dirty because of my sexuality." Shame of competence"I'm stupid." "If I try I'll mess it up." "Some things I'll never be good at; I'm just a female. Shame in relationships "How can I expect anybody to like me, I'm such a witch!" "People think I'm foolish when I try to say anything." "Who could love me, I'm so awful?"

A fascination for torn things and ripped things. Things that are falling off and not quite covering what they are supposed to cover. Lipstick or eye shadow not correctly applied or lipstick smeared or mascara running. Everything that suggests sadness, madness or any form of self-hatred attracts me endlessly. Watching catastrophes unfold is my primary hobby. Watching people who want to caress  themselves with roses and writhe among the thorns.

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